1) Standard classes: Perhaps the most common, and open to all; from beginners to advanced, for academic purposes, personal or professional.

The course starts from the basic courses, aimed at the development of linguistic skills and communication skills, both in writing and in speech, in reading and in ‘listening and interpretation of the well as the enrichment of vocabulary and improve pronunciation and grammar. Each course is based on the criteria of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), recognized in business and academic world.

You can opt for a basic course or an intensive where teaching hours are duplicated.

Standard course: (20 lessons = 15 hours per week) Classes are held in the morning.

Intensive course: (24 = 18 lessons per week) it is integrative to that base, as they are added 4 hours per week with a focus on communication skills.

Super Intensive course: (28 lessons = 21 hours per week) it is integrative to that intensive, as they are added 4 hours per week for 4 different language skills with special attention in pronunciation and in learning new words.

Full immersion course: (40 lessons = 30 hours per week) it is very intense, and for those who want improve in a short time and in any case already a good level.

Individual course: You can choose a number of lessons as you like, unless you’re not a student with a visa permit, in which case you will have to attend a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Intensive course for diploma: (intensive or super) And the course for those who want to go to get higher education in the UK. The rules are the same as the intensive course with an addition of 4 lessons designed specifically to enable communication. The minimum number of weeks to have the diploma and 12.

2) Exam Preparation:


This examination is necessary to access to universities in the UK and is recognized worldwide level for many institutions. ETC and an approved college of Cambridge, so teachers will test students according to their specific requirements. You can choose between the Academic Module and the basic one, the difference will be only in the type of words and clearly taught in different purposes richest by candidates.

Test your level of English with the test from Cambridge official website:



The course is equivalent to level B2 according to the scale of the CEFR. The course prepares all ‘final exam students. Ideal if you want to study or work in United Kingdom and then you need to develop some language skills in specific areas. This is a good test for further certifications such as the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) or CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English). The basic course includes 20 lessons for 15 hours per week, whereas the Intensive course will include 24 to 18 hours/week.

Please see our website and choose the most suitable course for you

During the week you will have 20 lessons of IELTS course in the morning and 4 targeted to basic English communication skills in the afternoon. The minimum age and that of 16 and on the website you can take a test to test your own level: the minimum required, and the intermediate and then adapt to attend an English course general before waiting for this.

Test your level of English with the test from Cambridge official website:


This course prepares you for the Cambridge CAE exam. You can choose between the base and the intense. Courses range from 20 to 24 hours per week. The only requirements are at least 16 years and a level of English equivalent to upper-intermediate. In essence, the course prepares students for exam questions, supported by exercises for grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. After following and can access university courses, communicate efficiently on a professional level, participate in important meetings and work seminars. The level and C1, that sought in the main academic and professional sections.

Test your level of English with the test from Cambridge official website:

Business Courses:

This course prepares you for the Business,
Medical, legal, aeronautic, economy course, military.
What we ask for attend that courses are: be over 18 years old and have an intermediate level of English.
These courses prepare specifically in the required sector, with exercises thought specifically for the type of work context.
The military course, for example, follows the structure dictated by NATO STANG 6001 and from the European Council.
The course of minimum (10 hours weekly) prepare the student for the future working life.
For the courses Medical and Legal, usually the students are lawyers or doctors who need to acquire skills for international relations or as in the translation of important documents.

University courses:

Courses for preparation for university courses in the Uk

Junior Program:

Courses for u activities under 18 (from 12 to 17 years old), with included accommodation in the school, with daily and more..

Teacher Training Program:

For who want to become a teacher of English

University Application

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